onsdag 5 augusti 2009

It is hot outside and hot inside too and even warmer since I am baking. :) Anyway, I don't have much time to update the blog right now since the garden is calling and we like to be outdoors as much as we can when the weather is nice.

I have been doing some knitting and crocheting this summer, some granny-squares for a bigger blanket that we are a group of people working on together. It goes in pink and will be auctioned on our web-home (http://forum.pyssel.net) in October and all the money will go towards the pink-ribbon fund raiser.

And I have a wool sweater that I need to finish for my son before he outgrows it. ;) And I also need to get going on the cross-stitch stocking my daughter should have for Christmas. All the rest of us have one but hers is not even started yet... And it is already August.

At least I have been taking care of the gooseberries and the red currants from the garden. Most of the gooseberries have been turned into marmalade and jam and the currants are in the freezer waiting to become something else... A big bunch of strawberries are in the freezer too but those I had to buy. This last week we have also been digging up our own homegrown potatoes. They are really tasty!

And we have also tried the local farmers' market here in Uppsala and for a great price we filled a basket with eggs, carrots, sweet peas, and other nice veggies. :) Count us in early next Saturday!